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The President 和 Board of Trustees of 博天堂官方 set admission policies 和 enrollment limits. 这些政策可能会改变, 因此, students should consult with 招生 staff about current st和ards.


All freshman applicants must submit the following to the 招生办公室:

  • 完成 本科入学申请 并支付不可退还的50美元.00申请费. 看看你是否有资格申请 费延期.
  • 正式的高中成绩单或格成绩.
  • 正式的大学成绩单(如适用)
  • 以下说明要求的任何其他文件.

*If you have any questions, please contact your admissions counselor at admissions@yule521.net.


  • Students will be automatically admitted to EOU with a cumulative high school GPA of 2.75元及其他所有要求均满足.
    • (Must complete with a minimum of C- or better in each area as EOU does not accept D’s as passing grades.)
  • Please refer to the special admission procedure outlined below if you do not meet the above requirements.


Entering first-year students must complete the following subjects by high school graduation, C -或更高的:

  • 英语/语言艺术(4个学分)
    • 应包括英语语言的学习, 文学, 口语和听力, 和写作, 重点是, 经常练习, 四年都在写说明文.
  • 数学(3个单元)
    • Shall include first-year algebra 和 two additional years of college preparatory mathematics selected from geometry (deductive or descriptive), 代数高级主题, 解析几何, 有限的数学, 先进的应用程序, 微积分, 概率与统计, 或者课程整合了两个或多个领域的主题. (强烈建议在大四修一门课程. Algebra 和 geometry taken prior to the ninth grade will be accepted.)
  • 科学(3个单元)
    • Shall include a year each in two fields of college preparatory science such as biology, 化学, 物理, 或者地球和物理科学, 一门被推荐为实验科学的学科.
  • 社会研究(3个单元)
    • 应包括一年的美国留学.S. history, one year of global studies (world history, geography, etc.), 和 one year of social studies elective (government is strongly recommended).
  • Second Language (2 units) To satisfy this requirement, incoming freshman must either:
    • Have completed two years of the same high school-level second language at a grade of C- or above, or
    • 完整的 two terms of the same college-level language with a grade of C- or above, or 
    • Meet satisfactory performance on an approved assessment of second language knowledge 和/or proficiency.


博天堂官方 gladly accepts your Advanced Placement scores. 这 提前安置表 显示所获学分及/或通识教育学分.*


博天堂官方认可 IB的成就 by awarding credit to students who score 5 or above on st和ard 和 higher level IB exams. Students must indicate that they would like official test scores sent to EOU in order to award credit. Contact your IB Coordinator or IB North America to request score reports. 212-696-4464 | 订购IBO成绩单直接链接


首页school students 和 students who did not graduate from a st和ard public high school or an accredited private high school will be considered 对入学 by one of the following:

  1. Successful completion of 12 or more completed college credits in core subject areas
    (English/Writing, Math, Science 和 Social Science) while pursuing their high school diploma.
  2. Petitioning the Individual Review 招生 Committee (outlined below).

For Non-Accredited 和 首页 Schooled Students to be eligible to receive Federal 金融援助 at 博天堂官方, 他们必须赢得 或者已经修满72个大学学分.

General Education Development (格) 和 High School Equivalency (HiSET)

If you earned a General Education Development degree (格) or High School Equivalency (HiSET), follow the directions outlined below on the basis of when you received your certificate:

  • 格收到 2013年12月以后, a total score of 680 or higher with a minimum st和ard score on each of the four examinations of at least 150.
  • 格收到 2002年1月至2013年12月, st和ard score on each of the five (5) examinations must be at least 410, 总平均分550分.
  • 格收到 2002年1月前; st和ard score on each of the five (5) examinations must be at least 41, 总体平均55分或更高. *此时间范围内的语言要求见下文.
  • 请到 格测试服务 网站索取正式成绩单.
  • HiSET receive a minimum score of 15 on each subject test area 和 a 4-6 on the essay component of the Language Arts-Writing subject test.

*申请人 于1997年获得普通教育文凭 or later must also meet the second language requirement as described above.


Applicants who graduated from high school prior to 1985 must meet the minimum GPA requirement for entering first-year students. 免除高中科目要求. Applicants who graduated from high school between 1985 和 1996 are required to have two years of college prep courses which may include second language, 计算机科学, 美术和表演艺术或其他大学预科选修课, 哪些是由录取机构自行决定的, include a comprehensive sequence of units in a vocational-technical area of study.


Students who do not meet EOU’s minimum admission requirements but can demonstrate strong potential to be successful in college-level coursework 和 progress toward a degree may be provisionally admitted to the university by petitioning for Individual Review. 请浏览我们的 个人招生审查 浏览更多信息.

密克罗尼西亚联邦(FSM)学生, 帕劳共和国, 马绍尔群岛共和国

除上述入学要求外, 来自密克罗尼西亚联邦的学生, 帕劳共和国 和 马绍尔群岛共和国 are required to demonstrate English language proficiency by:

  • English proficiency as demonstrated by achieving 500 on the TOEFL, or 61 on the Internet-based TOEFL; a score of 5 on the IELTS, or satisfactory completion of level 112 in an English Language School.


非美国大学成绩单.S. 学校可以由 全国证书评估服务协会 (NACES)认证机构. 我们建议使用 世界教育服务 (WES)来获取这些服务.

  • High School transcripts require a document-by-document evaluation
  • 大学成绩单要求对每门课程进行评估


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